Monday, April 12, 2010

Vahagn Chakhalian.

In the video is Vahagn Chakhalian who is protesting the living conditions of people in Javakhq in the office of the head of the electoral commission. In particular, he complains that the Rose Revolution has not reached Javakhq in three years since Sahakashvili's election and the people there continue to be oppressed by the corrupt administrators.

Chakhalian is now a political prisoner in Georgia accused of several crimes under "article 236.1 (purchase and possession of arms), article 225.2 (participation in disorders), article 226 (organization of public disorders), article 353.2 (resistance to police officer or public agent) and article 239.2b (hooliganism)" (purchase and possession of arms is a popular method of jailing undesirable people in the region).

Obviously, the case is flimsy and the Europeans have noticed it.


Ani said...

I just can't keep up with all these hooligans in the Caucasus. And they all seem like good people to me.

nazarian said...

So true. The good men are in jail accused of being hooligans while the corrupt and mafioso are deemed to be the humble servants of their respective nations.