Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tastelessness of burning flags or effigies.

On April 23 dashnaks burnt a Turkis flag and the pictures of their president, PM and the FM. The next day, the Turkish version of dashnaks burnt the Armenian flag and the picture of the self-declared president SS.

I find the whole thing very tasteless and it reminds me of the way Hamas or the Iranian nationalists act. I see very little positive impact that such acts achieve - they don't even toast marshmallows on the fire to make s'mores.

I even find burning your own country's flag tasteless, too. All said and done, it's still an expression of speech and should be legal to do.


Haik said...

It is a hopeless person's act.

nazarian said...

That's the impression I get whenever I see flag-burning. It's not the most dignified way to protest something. Doing it to your own flag is probably a little more dignified than doing to to some other flag, methinks.

Anonymous said...

Nazarian and Hayk,

As prominent Levon's Witnesses, before criticizing the dashnaks, please recount what your fascist organization has done in the last two years in burning not only effigies of the President of the Republic of Armenia, but burning the center of Yerevan too.
What graciousness you have in thinking about the wellbeing of Turkish PM & President...It shows a thing or two about your real identity. Shame on you both, davachanner.

nazarian said...

Don't you get tired of your hatred?

Haik said...

It's his occupation and he loves it :)

Anonymous said...

actually the dashnak stance is based on some pretty terrible history of successive turkish governments against the armenian nation.

your vilification of the armenian government is based on some distorted sour grapes and some loss of the king-of-the-hill game. "well my daddy is no longer a minister in levon's government or i no longer have some other illegal windfall so i'll leave armenia and pillory the current leadership though yellow journalism and spewing of hate."

you are right: freedom of speech is a good principle, but at least don't be a hypocrite on a high horse and call turkish flag burning tasteless.

it is exactly this kind of self-hatred that turns most run-of-the-mill armenians off. also why no one cares about hate-mongers like pashinyan etc.

nazarian said...

anonymous, your people killed 10 of my people on March 1 and you are here trying to lecture me on hate mongering or run of the mill Armenians? Have the courtesy to condemn the killing of your fellow Armenians before you go and put an halo on SS or someone else in the regime.

But as I said, I find flag burning a tasteless and undignified form of protest. If you like it, I am sure you just loved when the Turkish version of the dashnaks did it to our tricolor.

Anonymous said...

my people? your people?

in fact some policemen and some protesters were killed march 1. and whether you want to admit it or not, there is plenty of blame to go around. i am not putting a halo on anyone.

and you and your levonakan continual attempt to make this an us vs them argument is typical of the anti-armenian policies that the nation endured for the early 90s. good riddance to all those whose biggest accomplishment has been to undermine the nation's self respect.

Azat said...

Hayk and Nazarian,

Your levonakan show is coming to an end.

Once again get your facts straight:

In early 2008 your Eternal Leader tried a coup d'etat, which failed miserably and cost the life of two policemen and damages to the City of Yerevan. Oh, 8 hooligans were also killed, ENTIRELY normal even if this would have happened in Switzerland.

First you claimed that the entire Armenian nation supports you. That turned out a BIG LIE. Then, you claimed that there is a banditocracy in Armenia, when the de facto banditocrat Nr. 1 was founding crook LTP.

What has happened now? The cult has considerably weakened , its criminal "elder"s are RIGHTFULLY rotting in jail, and payqar payqar mincvhev verch has become the joke of the day in Yerevan.

Seriously levonakans , you guys have become clowns. Nazarian have courage and put up this comment, unless of course you want to create the illusion that the WHOLE Armenian nation supports the HAK. Pathetic creatures!.

Vrej said...

And yet another slap in the face for Levon's Witnesses!!!

On press freedom day "Reporters Without Borders" doesn't believe the claims of the cult and doesn't list Armenia or President Sargsyan as a predator towards the press.
Aliyev, Russia, Mexico, even Italy and Spain make the list.


Finally the world is getting it right. Yet another victory agasinst the Turks with Armenian last names!

nazarian said...

Are you celebrating that Armenia is "not free"?


Vrej said...


Maybe I can offer you help in the English language. I am celebrating the fact that the lies spread by the Turks with Armenian last names (levonakans) are not getting them anywhere anymore, that their chances of destabilizing Armenia and destroy it are doomed to failure. In CIS standards yes Armenia is DEFINITELY FREE. Any more than this will just be fertile ground for Levon's witnesses to create chaos and organize killings in the country just as they did on March 1st, just as they did with Tigran Naghdalyan, just as Vano ended up on the Interpol list for the NUMEROUS killings he organized in the 90's.

We're not stopping until the total surrender of this cancerous cult. And we're getting closer and closer to it.

I'll say it again: Each defeat for Levon's Witnesses is a victory for the Republic of Armenia.