Saturday, April 17, 2010

Police Day - 2.

I just watched some footage of the Police Parade. While the posters they have placed around Yerevan send a message that they are bad-asses and should not be messed with, the reality is that they look quite miserable. The regular cops seem to be extremely bored while their chiefs have threatening speeches. And the parade looks like a low-budget Soviet movie from the 50-s, complete with a poorly rehearsed march, bad music and a female MC touting the virtues of each police department marching at the time.

This would be very funny if these guys were not the ones who abused their citizens on a daily basis and killed them from time to time (the latest being a witness to a crime who was stabbed and killed while being interrogated at the Central Police Precinct in Yerevan).

see the parade at

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