Friday, April 16, 2010

Police Day.

Today apparently the Police Day in Armenia and the cops have been celebrating. Pictured is one of their billboard ads. Pay a particular attention to the three monochrome figures - 2 wielding automatic weapons and one aiming with a semi-auto pistol that are pointed at the audience. This billboard is located on Grigor Lusavoriuch street on the very same spot from where they were firing at the demonstrators on March 1, 2008 ultimately killing 10 people.

Upd: I am still disturbed by the triangular depiction of the men in uniform shooting. I am hoping it's not a photo from March 1 but a still from a Hollywood movie about alien invasion. In any case, the police is sending a clear message to the people of Armenia. Such a message is incompatible to a normal civilized society where police are meant to serve and protect and not to shoot and kill.

Can people in Yerevan confirm whether this is a photo from March 1? I think I see one of those infamous machines used for high pressure water cannons behind the trio but I am not sure.


Ani said...

"Armenia has strong law-enforcement bodies ready to keep public order and security in any situation, at any cost." -Alik Sargsyan --from A1+ coverage article "Law enforcers are the purest in #Armenia"

There is such a ghastly odor of fascism here, including of course the homophobia, as pointed out by Mika in his blog.

nazarian said...

True - it does reek of fascism. Even the uniforms are reminiscent of Hitler era Germany.

Observer said...

Nazarian - these don't look like Armenian police at all.

Haik said...

"We defeated the external as well as the internal enemy" -Alik Sargsyan.
I bet the 10 guys who were shot on March 10 are the internal enemy. He sounds like Stalin and Gebels in one.
The bandidocracy is turning into a institutionalised fascis state.

Anonymous said...

I have repeatedly said in 1994 in Karabagh our victory was sealed against the external enemy. On March 1, 2008 our victory was sealed against the internal enemy with two policemen martyred. The prime criminal is the cult leader LTP. And thankfully it took 2.5 years for him and his "movement" to become a comical carricature.

Levon's Witnesses have no right to call themselves human beings, let alone Armenians, after what happened on March 1. No mercy.