Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who should be treated with more lenience?

Let's assume that two people have been arrested by the police.

The offense of the first person is that he has given an interview to a newspaper and has expresses his opinions. He is charged for spreading a 'false accusation'.

The offense of the second person is that he has shot and killed someone.

The first person is a veteran of a past war. The second person is a member of the ruling party.

If you said 'the second person', congratulations to you. You have mastered the Armenian logic!

If you said 'the first person' then you are burdened with reason and you are not a good fit in Armenia.

The first person is Sargis Hatspanian serving a 3.5 year sentence for his interview. The second is Sayad Shirinian who was let go today under the recent amnesty. As of now, all people serving the banditocracy (looters, killers and such) have been freed. 22 political prisoners still remain and their number keeps growing.


Ani said...

Another "crime" considered worse than killing someone: http://bit.ly/8Ecfg

One of the two dozen Armenian opposition members and supporters remaining in jail was not granted amnesty because of possessing a mobile phone in breach of prison regulations, an opposition-linked human rights group said on Tuesday.

It also emerged that by contrast, the Armenian authorities have set free a government loyalist charged with shooting and killing another man in a dispute related to the May 31 municipal elections in Yerevan.

nazarian said...

These kind of news make me sad. There is so much unwarranted suffering. Quite a few people will be burning in hell for what they are doing now.

Anonymous said...

Brim over I agree but I contemplate the post should prepare more info then it has.