Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I don't like it.

There now have been a number of incidents when protesters of the health care reforms have openly carried arms, in at least one case an AR-15 assault rifle, during the protests where the President was giving a speech. Even though I am for the ownership and carry rights of firearms, I do not like someone carrying a handgun or a rifle at a public protest even if it is legal to do so (in Arizona, where the man with the AR-15 was seen, allows open carry of any legal firearms). A protest is a mass event, there are emotions that may get out of hand and there should not be anyone with a firearm that can be seen as intimidation.

I am seriously thinking about taking a pro-health care reform protest if Obama comes to town simply to counteract to what I see as unacceptable tactics by the opponents. I have an open carry permit but will not use it.


Anonymous said...

Obama is not kiling the system only,he is helping the hospitals and the doctors to kill the patents because of the system!!! obama is supporting Daeth NOT Life.

nazarian said...

That is absolutely untrue. Nowhere in the 1064 page bill there is anything to support your allegation.