Friday, August 21, 2009

Filling the state coffers.

The Armenian police has started enforcing the seat belt rules. Each offense adds 5,000 Drams to the state coffers. The Prime Minister has personally endorsed this enforcement.

Unfortunately, he continues to travel around Yerevan in cars without license plates.


Hayaser said...

13.50$ is way better than paying $50 in the states, i'll happily pay that any day over $50, in fact i'm sure if i PAY 50 to the cop i'll never receive another ticket again, i love my Armenia, so corrupt yet so very easy to work with. i could never bribe a cop in CRAPmerica, and if i did it would have to be 500, not 50

Mariam said...

you didn't expect them to obey by their own laws, now did you? laws are meant for the lesser people, not the great ones of the world :))