Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mariam Sukhudian

Here is a small puzzle for the readers.

Let's assume someone visits an institution where small children are in foster care. That institution is administered by the state. One of the children describes being physically and sexually abused by one of the administrators. The visitor then publishes the story.

Task 1. Apply logic and determine what would happen next.

Task 2. Apply "Armenian logic" and determine what would happen next.

The answer to task 1 would be to investigate the incident and place the administrator on leave while the accusations of abuse are investigated. That is something that would happen in a normal society.

The answer to task 2 is the exact opposite of what a normal society would do, i.e. the application of the "Armenian logic" is the anti-logic. The "Armenian logic" says that the publisher of the story must be prosecuted for the infamous "false accusation" article in the criminal law and imprisoned for 3 to 5 years.

Since this incident took place in Armenia, it is not surprising that the "Armenian logic" has been applied and the person who published the story, Mariam Sukhudian (incidentally, part of the ecological movement "Save Teghut" fighting to preserve forests against mining interests), is being charged for "false accusations".

To see what has been going on, check this post on Unzipped.


Ani said...

My tweet link: Nazarian: "Armenian Logic" rule: No good deed goes unpunished. Why ecoactivist is blamed instead of lauded http://bit.ly/2c2L4p #Armenia

Ani said...

By the way, did she have anything to do with the first ladies "accidentally" signing the "Save Teghut" petition? Just wondering...

nazarian said...

To tell you the truth, I don't know if she was directly involved in the 'first lady' fiasco.

To remind the readers, the 'first ladies' (see http://hnazarian.blogspot.com/2009/06/lookalikes.html) signed a petition for the "Save Teghut" movement. Later they backtracked. My suspicion is that they thought they were giving autographs.

Ani said...

Working on a theory--Here's the link to the June RFE/RL story: http://bit.ly/D6YYH

According to Mariam Sukhudian, a member of the committee, the two women agreed to sign the petition as they visited a public park in Yerevan on Tuesday. “We noticed Kocharian’s wife and the current first lady, Rita Sarkisian, there” she told RFE/RL’s Armenian service. “One of our girls, Arpine, approached Bella Kocharian. As soon as she learned what the matter is, she took the paper and signed it. Rita said, ‘Is it about that copper-molybdenum thing?’ and signed it too.”

Such embarrassment for the first ladies! So many people laughed at them for this silly thing! And who is quoted in the article? Surely, something must be done about this Mariam Sukhudian who caused our "ladies" to suffer, no?

Like I said, just a theory...

Hayaser said...

I will cut off the hands of those who dare think to RAPE/MOLEST our angin Hay axchikner, our angin taguhiner, our angin zmruxtner that must be love/respected/protected at all times

as for bella and rita
since they NOT REAL Hays
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Mariam said...

Gotta love it: sweep everything under the rug and pretend the problem doesn't exist. There is so much dirt under that rug already, it's the size of mount Ararat!