Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The son of Gyumri mayor is out of prison.

Last year there were quite a feww shootouts between armed gangs of young people in the streets of Gyumri, the second largest town in Armenia. One of the gangs was led by the son of the mayor. He was on the run for some time and then was brought to justice.

Now he has been let go. A few bloggers allege that this was in return for the mayor's support for SS (the mayor is from the same party as SS).

I think the mayor has been allowed way too many crimes by him (like a shootout in a cafe where he emptied his handgun at a group of Russian soldiers but missed due to being intoxicated) or his family.

The bloggers also wondered why is that a criminal is out free while war heroes like Jirayr Sefilian, and other political prisoners, are imprisoned on inflated charges.

Well, by definition political prisoners are supposed to be in prison so there is no need to wonder but do something so that there are no political prisoners in Armenia at all.

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