Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Self perpetuating lies.

It's funny that a blogger can post half baked lies, and then create more lies by quoting the previous ones thus sending any credibility left down the tube.


Onnik Krikorian said...

Funny, that's what I thought happened when another LTP supporter accused me of being an agent of several "services."

Anyway, you can disagree, but please, show some courtesy and keep some integrity by not accusing me of lying.

Fact: A march through Yerevan disrupted traffic.

Fact: LTP supporters beat a heckler.

Fact: A motorcade violated traffic regulations.

Sure, I know that Serge's and LTP's supporters are intensifying this whole election process to the point of conflict, but please, don't be one of them.

nazarian said...

Onnik, the initial post of yours read 'unsanctioned march' which it wasn't. 'Disrupting traffic' is a more accurate description even though it still contains a negative interpretation. A less subjective description would have been 'march through the streets'.

The heckler was an agent provocateur on the NSS payroll whose aim was to provoke the crowd.

I did not see much information about the motorcade except for the police saying that traffic rules were violated after which they proceeded with bringing criminal charges against LTP and impounding the cars from the motorcade. I am waiting for a more balanced coverage such as a court hearing or something where the lawyers from both the sides present their arguments.

h said...

What I can say is that all this is going to lead to a moveent and revolution.
Let's just hope that people unite against Serje and his gang to avoid a bloodshed.
To Onnik I would suggest that it is better to be neutral from now on. We all already know the cause of his anti-Levon stance. It is now creating the opposite effect and that's the reason I dont put this portion of comment in his blog.