Friday, January 25, 2008

Levonator and Serzhadevil.

Ditord had a post a few days ago lamenting the deteriorating conditions on the Armenian blogosphere. He had two hilarious pictures as examples of it:

Here is the Levonator

And here is the Serzhadevil

The more I look at them, the funnier they get even though Ditord labeled them as 'unethical and beyond limits of morality' or something like that. But in a bout of creativity, he himself came up with those funny names for the pictures.

So far I consider these the best output from the election campaign that will alter the culture of the election campaigns. We need more funny caricatures of the political leaders. It's still divided by partisan lines but I hope there are non-partisan funny and talented people out there, too.


Observer said...

do i count among non-partisan creative people? actually i'm somewhat pro-dashnak and not very creative ;)

nazarian said...

Ditord, I wouldn't short change myself on the creativity area if I were you. "Serzhadevil" was a brilliant way to describe that picture... I understand that "Levonator" was coined by someone else - I wish I knew who it was.