Sunday, January 27, 2008

BBC article about the rocket makers in Gaza.

BBC has an article about the Palestinians from Fatah that build rockets and try to fire them. Despite the mild tone of the article, it's a nice insight about a small self defense group trying to fight against a far superior adversary.

What it reminded me was the beginning of our self defense efforts against the Azeris. The first rockets used were souped up Alazan rockets which were stuffed with pieces of shrapnel. The Azeris used them first and although these were not very accurate, they were the most sophisticated weaponry at the time. By the time we got Alazan rockets, the Azeris had already obtained Grad rockets. Until 1994 they were always a step ahead of us in munitions mostly due to their superior financial resources and because the Soviets had stored far more weaponry there than in Armenia. Plus, the Soviets destroyed most of the munitions in Armenia like the destruction of the Balahovit base or dismantling of the tanks in Vanadzor bases.

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