Friday, January 18, 2008


I just found a site called Azadakrum (Liberation in Western Armenian) that is dedicated to the cause of freeing Jirayr Sefilian and Vardan Malkhasian. Sefilian and Malkhasian are perhaps the most famous political prisoners currently in jail in Armenia. The other political prisoner I can think of is Arman Babajanian, the founder of Jamanak Yerevan newspaper.

Sefilian and Malkhasian are heroes of the Armenian nation and were instrumental in the liberation of the town of Shushi in Artsakh. A year or so ago they were detained by the Kocharian administration after they expressed their doubts about the commitment of the administration to the independence of Armenia. They were accused of plotting an armed coup d'etat and have been in prison since and their appeals have been ignored by the courts.

Hopefully, after Levon Ter Petrosian becomes the president in February, he will allow the court of appeals to accept their request for review of their case.

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