Friday, June 15, 2007

The Turkish government is now after Hrant Dink's son.

First they tried to imprison Hrant Dink under article 301. Then they killed him.

Now they are prosecuting his son, Arat Dink, under article 301 as well. He is the current editor of the 'Agos' weekly. A coworker, Sargis Serobian, is accused of insulting Turkishness as well. They both face 3 years in prison. Here is the Radio Liberty article.

It is clear that the only Armenians the Turkish state tolerates are the ones who are kept under control and are silent. If any of them tries to speak up, they get hounded by the article 301, and may be physically destroyed as well. The main target seems to be 'Agos'; they want to close it down but they don't want to do it directly as that will affect their image in the West. Closing papers would be a big faux pas. So instead they are trying to break the will of the people who will stand behind 'Agos'. Once they are dealt with, the paper will close by itself.


Myrthe said...

You were wrong by one letter. The correct url is

nazarian said...

Thanks. I go with the Eastern Armenian version forgetting that Istanbul Armenians are Western Armenians.

Anonymous said...

hello, I was looking for pics from glendale, ca and saw yours; the pommegranate tree. lovely pic! can you tell me why there are (supposedly) so many armenians in glendale? even the major. Im armenian as well, and might visit Socali this summer. thanks! bless you! I stand with Armenia! (and Israel, but thats another subject) Sammy

nazarian said...


the major chunk of the population in Glendale is Armenian. There is a large population in Hollywood as well. But they don't have 'Armenian' neighborhoods as far as I know. There is a small chunk of a street called 'Little Armenia' in Hollywood.

I am not an expert on Armenians in California so check or for more information.

sammy said...

thanks for explaining! I'll check out those sites. ehmm, now arent you Armenian yourself? (I assume cause of your name)
I hope and pray that I'll be in Glendale this summer. (or LA area)

nazarian said...

I am Armenian but I don't live in California. I have visited LA a couple of times only.

sammy said...

Hi Nazarian :-) Sorry to bother you again, but I noticed I didnt tell you where I live; in the Netherlands. Just in case... I pray Ill be flying across the ocean to be with my blood'relatives' this summer. I might even be staying at an Armenian family. Im very anxious!
PS I took some Armenian recipes from the site you gave me....jummm! I love cooking, but never made anything from Armenia. I'll make something for my classmates at a picknick we're gonna have next month :-)Thanks again!

nazarian said...

Sammy, good luck. I hope you have a good time in California. It's a nice place and quite diverse.