Monday, June 25, 2007

Is there anything good going on in Armenia?

I realized that the content of my blog is the exact opposite of what one might see on blogs - while shows the care-free lives of the repatriates in the Yerevan cafe scene, this blog focuses on the shortcomings of the Armenian system and often labels the country as a banana republic.

The question is whether my blog is too biased. I dislike authoritarian systems and corrupt governance but I am sure that there are positive events in Armenia. I just do not come across to them. Are there any resources that report such events?


Anonymous said...

The blog represents a bunch of underqualified and overpaid arrogant diasporans with lumpen-capitalistic habits. They claim to be in Armenia to make a change...laughing on and belittleing the locals and their habits, sometimes acting as covered Realthwores (Raffi Kojian) advertising "elite" appartments for 200K+, sometimes as little dictators if an oppinion does not match their views...


Observer said...

may I recommend, that you read more of the news agency websites, where you have more of hard-news and less of the exceedingly biased and pro-opposition news resources like the A1plus (my good friends, but still - biased), Aravot (too political and always looking for scandals), Haykakan Zhamanak (more like opposition propaganda leaflet then a newspaper), etc.?

nazarian said...

Observer, can you post a few of the links? I read Armenpress but it's too dry - what official delegation visits whom, etc. I don't care about who came and met whom, I care about the issues discussed and the results. From their coverage, one gets an impression that all that happens is talk, but there are no results.

RFERL is a good source of news as well but I haven't seen anything positive among their coverage either.

Haik said...

Try Azg. It is probably the only nutral newspaper.
In general there is not much good happening in Armenia. I was there last month. Of course there are new shops opening, new cafes and lots of construction. However they dont benefit the ordinary falks.Instead: the new construction produced lots of homeless people, the new shops and cafes are only for the 'elite'.
To make this long topic short I would summerise: the country is a rackless capitalism. People live by the money transferes. This makes the people dependant and lazy. the ones who get rich do that through exploiting and stilling from others.
On the other hand I think it is better than the soviet times. If you are hard worker and a good specialist in demand you can get by. You wont be able to buy a house that easily but you can take care of your family.