Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nearly US$ 500k worth of items stolen from a home.

There was a reported burglary today in the town. Burglars stole nearly $500k worth of goods from a home - coin and stamp collection, etc. Luckily, the owner was not home at the time and was not hurt.

Here is a good advice - never keep valuables in your home. Keep jewelry and stuff that are not for everyday use in a bank safe deposit box. That way there will be less temptation for someone to break into your house, your stuff will not be stolen, and there will be less chance of you getting hurt if nobody thinks that you keep valuables at home.


sammy said...

Aww, I feel sorry for this old lady, it shouldnt have happened ... but on the other hand; how dumb can you be?? Who would have collector coins worth $150,000, a stamp collection $100,000 and European & American currency valued at $150,000 @ their home!?!?! My Lord! Thats insane! Well, the thief surely had a loot of a lifetime... hmm?

nazarian said...

The thieves haven't been caught yet.