Monday, February 08, 2010

Military Seizure of the Government.

“Outraged by the existence - recently discovered and made public – of secret order No. 0038, proving that Armenian army units received formal orders to assemble and deploy in Yerevan before 1 March,” and “Considering that the involvement of the army in domestic political matters, accompanied by large-scale repression of citizens’ civil and political rights and persecution of the political opposition, clearly bears the characteristics of a coup d’etat.”

PACE Delegates “outraged”: March 1, 2008 was coup d’ etat according to draft resolution

About 8 months ago HAK revealed and proved that March 1 was indeed a coup d'etat. The EU is now formulating March 1 as a coup d'etat. Given the snail pace of diplomacy in foreign relations, thr PACE draft resolution appeared quicker than I anticipated.

The power of HAK cannot be underestimated.

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