Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gauging Immigration Levels.

I was reading Zhamanak Daily and they had an interesting observation on the falling business levels at notary public offices. They have seen levels of documents for real estate transactions fall dramatically (apparently, there is a new law about 20% tax on people who do more than 2 real estate transactions in a year - didn't understand if it was on people or flipped properties). They have also seen a rise in the demand to notarize translated documents.

Translating documents can be a metric to gauge immigration.


Anonymous said...

Ehhh Nazarian, if you believe the lies of Zhamanak, Haykakan Zhamanak with their Don Quixote editor who will rightfully sit in jail for the next seven years for organizing March 1 with his Papa Levon, you also probably believe "News of the world" or "National Enquirer" for your political digest of America, do you?

For all the ill wishes you and your HHSh kind has for Armenia, Armenia will rise up against all odds (including yours), and you will always stay in the mud of Levonakan neo-fascism.

Payqar payqar minchev verj :))))Arden haxtel eq...

nazarian said...

So you don't think this statistic is a reasonable metric for immigration?

Arman said...

i do not think it is a reasonable metric. lots of docs get translated here for many reasons, and visas (and among those immigration visas) are only one.

more wishful doom-and-gloom thinking by children of the king-of-the-hill game lost by levon. next attempted attribution to serj/rob = global warming.

nazarian said...

Arman, you are right, there are other documents that are translated and notarized. I am guessing that these other documents are business related documents.

Given the 20% shrinkage in the Armenian GDP in 2009, wouldn't it be logical to assume similar shrinkage in business related documents? If so, any increase in translated and notarized documents would be the immigration related docs.