Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Հայաստանի ԱՄՆ շրջանավարտների ասոցիացիա

The alumni from US based educational institutions has created its own association in Yerevan. The Aravot article is available here. On item to note is the journalist's bewilderment on the people's distaste for government jobs. This is not a surprise. Out of about 100 or so people from my network of graduate level cohorts, only 2 work for the government here. When one of them suggested a position at the VA, my instinctive  response was "I can't see myself working for a government entity". 

It's a very different mental state from the older generation of the Armenian immigrants (and immigrants from the Soviet Union in general). A dream job for them is somewhere in a state or federal agency where they do not do any work, get paid for just showing up, have medical and pension benefits and retire after 25 years.

Hmm, come to think of it, it does sound sweet.


Nanul said...

Well, when many many years ago I got back from the U.S. with all the dreams of change and reforms, I had a choice--either to work for the President's office, or for one of the international organizations. The monthly salary for the governmental job was 25,000 drams (about $50), and the international company was offering $650. The decision was simple:-(

nazarian said...

That's where the secret is. The government salary is $50 but there is the variable income through bribery and such - one cannot seriously enjoy the lifestyle the government workers enjoy with the meager official salaries.

But I am sure most of the people like you or myself do not even consider that possibility and it is a disgusting way of making a living.