Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pardoning a couple of evildoers

A couple of patsies brought to "justice" in Yerevan for using undue force and violence against the civilians on March 1 were found guilty and immediately amnestied. These two cops were not the ones responsible for the killings. They were accused of violence and beating up people but are seen here saying that they do not regret doing it. To them, and to the Armenian society as a whole, beating and physically abusing people has become the norm rather than the exception. Such disgusting behavior is seen as a normal way of resolving disputes. And when it's done by any of the arms of the mafia governing the country like the police, the KGB or the thugs working for the oligarchs, people thank their good fortune that they ended up beaten up instead of killed.

The whole country has become a joke.

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