Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ments back to their beloved methods.

When the ARF started their protests in the Republic Square, there was minimal police presence. For a moment, I thought maybe the regime wants to encourage the anti-reconciliation message.

Yesterday, Miatsum movement that is affiliated with HAK, started a protest on Baghramian Street in front of the building that SS sits. Lo and behold, the cops were there to abuse them. Bazaz The Notorious Ment even attacked an elderly lady - the mother of the first soldier to die in the Karabagh War.

It is obvious that the banditocracy wants a protest by their partner Dashnakcutyun but still do not tolerate dissent by anyone else.

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tzitzernak2 said...

In the vast Armenian lexicon, I am sure there is already a word for this, but I'm not sure what it is. So I thought I'd make one up...
Շրթնքաքաղաքականություն, or rather:


To be used mostly in reference to politics, the act of one entity doing work where it pretends to be something it is not, such as lip-synching, and giving lip-service, with its multitude of connotations.

I think this fits perfectly for the ARF...