Thursday, September 03, 2009

The biggest issue.

The biggest issue is, how do you fight for change effectively without tearing the country apart and endangering it? Especially, when the opponent is a group of thugs who don't care about tearing the country apart.

That is HAK's biggest dilemma.


Anonymous said...


HAK is down and out. At this stage Serj has the whole world behind him. For better or for worse. After his latest moves on the external affairs front he has effectively checkmated LTP and his clan. Sorry for you, but this time around the old man playing in whites (since September 21 2007) has lost.

Besides, if you call today's leadership thugs, I call LTP and his gang thugs-in-waiting. Don't kid yourself and don't kid us.

antifa said...


You would rather see not only Artsakh but also Armenia destroyed.
You should set your priorities right. how shortsigted a person can be, unbeliavable. I wouldnt be surprise to find out that you are a Dashnak who because of their short sightedness did was Serjik is doing now. As a result we lost over 50% of the lands and the whatever remained became Russian Soviet Armenia.

As coming to Levon TP it is a fact that when he became a president he we had 29K kms Sq Armenia and when he resigned he left 40K km sq. thats 50% gain.

Anonymous said...


Your nickname already gives away to what category of human beings you belong to. I won't elaborate.

"Destroy Armenia", "selling Artsakh", "karabakh clan", "the regime has x number of days"....These are all much-tried but already very stale lies which my 103-year old great grand-ma will not believe anymore.

Enough with the Dashnak rhetoric. Enough with the LTP rhetoric. I see one bright spot here. That Serge found the courage to set the wheels in motion to take Armenia, economically and politically to a higher level never seen before. Bravo to him. And if you honestly want my opinion in detail, read this interview with Vazgen Manukyan the elected President of Armenia in 1996. I have not always agreed with him. But in this interview, he personifies the new confident Armenia and Armenian.

As for LTP and HHSh , I say one word: CHECKMATE by the President of Armenia's Chess Federation :))))))

Good Luck in your antifadas.