Monday, July 06, 2009

Another Political Prisoner.

The readers of this blog may already know about the physical assault against HAK on July 1, 2009. A group of HAK youths were distributing leaflets for the upcoming HAK demonstration when a group of hooligans attacked them and assaulted them. Some of the youths were pistol whipped and there are a couple of instances of them being held at gunpoint. Three of the youths were hospitalized with broken bones and one of them had concussion.

The group of hooligans, it turns out, were KGB people in civilian clothing.

Yesterday one of the hospitalized who was pistol-whipped, Tigran Arakelian, was imprisoned - he was called to be interviewed as a witness to the event but then was arrested.

He is accused of:
- attacking three policemen,
- beating them up, and;
- when the policemen tried to run away to escape him, he is accused of:
- chasing them down and;
- beating them again.

For a moment one might think that Mr. Arakelian is a vicious animal but the picture above shows that you can fit two Mr. Arakelians in the space an average ment (Armenian cop) occupies.

So, we have one more political prisoner.

UPDATE: Mr. Arakelian is now on hunger strike.


Ani said...

Linked it to Twitter:

GoldenTent: Photo of beaten/arrested activist Tigran #Arakelyan with policeman: Who you gonna believe, #Armenian Diaspora? #Armenia

I would call it appalling, but I think I've used that word too much when talking about the Armenian government's whopping lies. Wish him well, but I fear him on a hunger strike because he's already so thin he's got nothing to shed :(

nazarian said...

He should not have gone on hunger strike. Being in jail is rough enough. With a hunger strike he will destroy his health.

Ani said...

Levon Zurabyan made a statement, reported on Lragir:

Don't know if Lragir has its link problem fixed, so here are some

Levon Zurabyan stated that Tigran Arakelyan was hit in his head with a weapon, as well as the pictures prove that the youths spreading leaflets were followed by police officials before the assault. Levon Zurabyan stated that the Kentron Police department rejected its participation in this incident, but after seeing indisputable proofs, accepted it, mutating the essence of the incident.

He stated that they have indisputable proofs that this incident was planned an organized by the Head of the Kentron department of the Police Ashot Karapetyan. He added that Ashot Karapetyan instructed the doctors of the hospital, where the youths were taken, and they did not register the fact that the nose of one of the youths was broken, which was found out, after the HAK took the youths to the Republican Hospital.

Levon Zurabyan also mentioned that some police officials in private conversations stated that it was the personal initiative of the Head of the Kentron Police department. The office of the Human Rights Defender was informed about the arrest of the HAK activist Tigran Arakelyan, but as Levon Zurabyan stated, unfortunately, they know that this office, besides statements, cannot do anything else.

nazarian said...

Seems like there is a contest among the Yerevan police chiefs to outdo each other.

Haik said...

Probably the ments were reading about Davit of Sasoun when they came up with this story.
Just imagine Tigran chaseing those SOB all around Yerevan and kicking their arses.
You need to have some sort of seriouse imagination for that.

tzitzernak2 said...

Before these pictures came out, the cops were probably back in their stations, telling stories about how big he is, with big fangs and hands big enough to crush boulders...
Then the pictures came out,... hey, maybe the stories just got even better... mix in a little vodka, and voila! you've got the stuff of legends...

Suren said...

This government deserves only compassion. Nothing else.

The summer is going to be hot.

Ani said...

A1plus reports that the ANC Youth Wing chair Karen Karapetyan has joined Tigran Arakelyan's hunger strike and other members will also be joining:

Edgar said...

Ani jan, Karen is the leader of ANM youth wing, ANC doesn't have such.
Nazaryan, though this is a very sad story, still I appreciate your humor, bravo!