Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sevda Sevan
Aydin Morikian


Anonymous said...

I adored both of them. So sad.

Haik said...

They were real mtavorakans.

Anonymous said...

being that Aydin was founder of Hayastani Hanrapetutyun publication I have to assume he was silently "murdered" by this regime as they want to silence all media in Armenia that oppose them. Same like how kocharyan silently had former PM (now deceased)Andranik Margaryan "murdered" 2 years ago so that Ando would'nt stand in way of serjik perjik to become pres, and they blamed it on a so-called "heart attack", if ruskie muskie mafia can kill litvenenko silently via nuclear poisoning which is odorless/colorless and undecetable in ones body and make it seem as though one is dying of "natural causes" of deteriorating health then they can certainly murder our ppl too via these 'silent' ways of theirs

Also I dont believe for a second our Hay Gusan Aram Asaturyan died of so-called "heart attack" as well. everyone who knows Aram's story knew well that he was asked to leave Hayastan by that asswipe general that he had problem with, and when he returned under the radar and that general found out he was so angry and all of sudden Aram dies, i mean there is no way he died of such so-called "heart attack" it is very highly rumored that he was indeed murdered and that general had definitely something to do with it

all this death of Armenians, it is internal genocide on us now. we dont need to worry about external enemies wiping us out ever again, they know that our own internal enemies will finish job for them