Thursday, May 14, 2009

On a lighter note.

I was just watching a 'Married... with Children' episode when the Bundy clan had a vacation in the meat department of their local supermarket. I've been fond of that show since the early 90-s and it still cracks me up whenever I watch it.
My guess is, given the economic situation, some families will indeed take a weekend getaway to the local mall or somewhere air conditioned to save on the energy bill. A lot of the people will not take any vacations this year fearing that they would lose their jobs. The Americans already work a lot more than the Europeans but this year they are going to be even more stressed out. I don't think we have a clinical cause of death for karōshi like the japanese do - maybe it's time to introduce it.


Ani said...

Jeez--this is entitled "On a lighter note," and yet ends up with introducing a new American cause of death....Thanks SO much for cheering me up!!

Haik said...

If the economic robbery and inequality doesn't translate into popular revolt Karōshi will take effect. In America there was no socio-economic rebellion for a long time which is unhealthy for a society.