Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Drive-in Church

I have always found the car-centric lifestyle choices of the Americans to be fascinating. Bizarre ideas like drive-thru fast food joints are case in point. Even more bizarre are drive-thru banks or pharmacies. I've also seen drive-thru lumber yards and heard about drive-thru liquor stores in Texas. And what can be more romantic than getting married by Elvis in a drive-thru church in Vegas?

I only use drive-thru ATM machines if a regular ATM machine is not available nearby: I think drive-thru is a great waste of resources and a major polluter. But if you think drive-thru is bad, imagine the drive-in. There used to be time when there were drive-in cinemas, grocery stores and churches. Imagine, sitting in a field watching a movie among the dirty exhaust fumes of at least 100 cars (these old car exhaust fumes stink big time). A short lived drive-in concept were the fly-in cinemas. basically, you would fly your airplane to a cinema, park your plane and then rent a car to drive-in to the cinema nearby. Why would anyone do that is beyond me.

What I find hilarious are the drive-in churches. they still exist today (the other drive-in concepts have mostly gone extinct). And then I imagine the faces of the Armenian religious nuts if someone tries to import that idea to Armenia. As things stand, anything that is not Armenian Apostolic Church is a cult to them.

Just imagine the angry red faces and the rhetoric about 'high technology hunt for souls'.

Pictured: A LIFE magazine photograph of a drive-in church.


Haik said...

Drive in fast food is the most hilarious. Isnt there a better place to eat your food than in your car?

nazarian said...

Well, the cars from the 50-s, 60-s were like dining rooms on wheels. There are still a few drive-in restaurant chains where you sit in your car and eat a burger or a hot dog. The tray with food is attached to the door outside the car window.

I don't know if they have scantly clad servers on roller blades, though.

Haik said...