Friday, December 14, 2007

Xenophobia and a strange way of thinking.

Azg has an article by Nelly Matevosian, the head of "Periodical Cultural and Diaspora Press Division" at the Armenian FM in charge of Spyurq. It's about Armenian women marrying Arab men in the Middle East.

The article goes on about how these ladies are shunned by the Diasporan Armenians and even their own families and the only person who doesn't condemn them are their husbands.

So you think Ms. Matevosian would suggest for us to be more tolerant towards all the Armenians. I was expecting her to say that by rejecting our compatriots for making personal decisions is bad and helps to push them away and never look back.

Instead, in a bizarre twist, she urges women to instead marry Armenian men.

For crying out loud, she was a consul in Syria and now is a high ranking official in the Foreign Ministry. People like that are supposed to have more breadth of mind and have a longer term thinking.


H said...

I am not surprised at all. This is very common.

Armenian Pirate said...

Well of course Armenian women should marry Armenian men! What would you suggest? That our women whore themselves out to non-Armenian men and have us run head first into cultural assimilation in order to finish what the Genocide started 90 years ago? I weep at the stupidity of Hye women who would not only tolerate other Armenians for marrying odars but would actually also have the audacity to preach to other Armenians to welcome back Hyes that marry odars into our communities! Please stop trying to "fit in" with your non-Armenian community by implying that cultural pride and a desire to preserve our identity has somehow become archaic all of a sudden.