Sunday, December 02, 2007

Thomas Goltz

There is this guy, Thomas Goltz, who lives in Azerbaijan. He's an American guy married to a Turkish lady and ended up in Azerbaijan in the early 90-s. He has a book out called 'Azerbaijan Diary: A Rogue Reporter's Adventures in an Oil-Rich, War-Torn, Post-Soviet Republic'.

In it, he reports some interesting details about the comings and goings in Azerbaijan during the first half of the 90-s. His recollections about the war are clearly biased but if you go beyond the Armenophobe rhetoric, they show the enemy's side of the events. One of the incidents that he reports is the Yeraskhavan clashes (I believe it was the January of 1990). Goltz says that the groups that fired on Sadarak, Nakhijevan, were members of Dashnaktsutyun.

As a self proclaimed reporter, he should have known that Dashnaktsutyun did not participate in the war effort - there were a handful of Spyurkahay volunteers that came to Karabakh based on their own accord (Monte, Sefilian, et. al.). In fact, Dashnaktsutyun did not establish itself until after the independence. Even after that they were busy with petty bickering and undermining the state with outfits like the Dro band. But they were in front of the line when it was time to take credit for the independence, and for the war.

The fighters that Goltz mentions were the volunteers from AIM (Paruyr Hairikian's party). It was where Movses Gorgisian, one of the first people in the Movement, was killed.

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