Thursday, December 06, 2007


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The authorities in Armenia have resumed their dirty tricks of suppressing freedom of speech. The fliers informing the public about the President's rally this Saturday have been confiscated by the tax authorities. If you remember, each time there is a rally, LTP's supporters are harassed. The last time they were beaten up by the police and detained for more than half a day.

The explanation for confiscation was as bizarre as the usual explanation of abuse by the RK and SS goons:

A spokeswoman for the STS (State Tax Authority), Alina Khudoyan, essentially confirmed the information, saying that the leaflets were “temporarily” confiscated because Van Arian (the publisher) did not input the Aylentrank order into its accounts in order to evade taxes. Khudoyan said the tax collection agency fined the company, rather that Arakelian. Speaking to RFE/RL, she could not say when the leaflets will be returned to Aylentrank.

The accounting rules are that the entries in the books are made when there is a transaction or when they close the books for the accruals. So if the publisher has not received a payment for the fliers or billed the buyer (generated an accounts receivable entry) they would not have an entry in their books.

Read more about this in Onnik's election monitor blog.

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The full speech in Armenian will be publish in right after the rally.
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