Monday, December 10, 2007

Levon's speech is on line.

Levon's speech at the rally on December 8, 2007, is now online. here is one of my favorite excerpts:

...(on the accusations that he destroyed the economy of the Soviet Union) The Soviet economy was isolated from the world markets and was a closed, prison-like, or more precisely, a concentration-camp like system. Just like prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies, any isolated and closed system is capable of creating a more or less vibrant economy. From my personal experience, the best example is from my cell in Moscow's "Matrosskaya Tishina" prison. Within a short period of time, with the help of experienced prisoners, we created a wide industrial base and I became a participant in that as well. That ultra-modern industry would produce basic necessities for internal consumption:
- high quality glue for rolling cigarettes made from bread mixed with water;
- ornate and colorful playing cards made of cigarette packs;
- excellent chess pieces sculpted of bread;
- fuel, derived from plastic bags, to disinfect rotting salami;
- biscotti from bread dried on the heating panels;
- eye patch made from handkerchiefs;
- necktie made from a towel; etc.

According to my cell mates, the high security prisons had a more vibrant industry with better assortment of products.
This may sound crazy but the Soviet economy resembled the industry LTP describes.

The whole speech is available on

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