Sunday, May 06, 2007

The KGB is upping the harassment of the opposition.

The Armenian KGB has raided the residences and offices of former foreign minister Alexander Arzumanian, and the residence of former infrastructure minister Vahan Shirkhanian. Alexander Arzumanian is involved in the current electoral process as a member of the ‘Civil Disobedience’ group which advocates the replacement of the current authorities. Vahan Shirkhanian is not openly involved in any political movements.

A1+ reports that the reason for the searches is article 190 which deals with the laundering of money. Had this not been Armenia, one might have taken the charges seriously. But since we are talking about an authoritarian banana republic, it is quite obvious that all this is done to harass the opposition prior to the elections. One needs to remember that there are still quite a few political prisoners in Armenia, such as Jirayr Sefilian, that are imprisoned with trumped up charges.

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