Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It was an exciting Indy 500 this year.

It was one of the nicest Indy 500 races that I have seen last weekend. It was a cloudy day, and it had rained earlier in the day. The possibility of rain complicates the strategy of the race teams; they do not race in the rain unlike Formula 1. When it's a sunny day, it's far easier to decide when to go to take a pit stop, etc. But in a cloudy day one can see the sparks flying off of the metal parts scraping against the pavement when the tires are not warm yet, or during the crashes. It's like fireworks.

My favorite driver, Tony Kanaan, did not win because of bad strategy, and because of bad luck. Although Dario Franchitti won, most of the attention was focused on his wife - the rain drenched Ashley Judd. There is something about beautiful women wearing wet clothes that attracts a lot of media attention :).

Here is BBC's recap of the race.


Haik said...

It is becoming an increasingly International event couple of years ago there was a French Armenian running on Indy 500, if I am not mistaken his last name was Poghosian. I have the feeling that the post 911 ban on beer cooler boxes and introduction of F1 in Indy circuit 7 years ago is killing the old hoosier redneck culture.

nazarian said...

They have eased the ban on the size of the coolers one can bring in. This year there were no Armenians but there were three ladies for the first time in its 91 year history, and one of them was a Venesuealan.

I get amazed with the operational efficiency of this event. Keeping 100k+ drunk people in control is a difficult task. It's good that the rednecks you mention usually are law abiding and quiet people.

Haik said...

So it is the old redneck event :) No surprise that they eased the cooler ban - I guessed they figured out that no Arab or Afgan will dare to show up there among so many rednecks :)

I guess the successful control over the peaopl is mostly due to the way the venue is constricted. People who spend most on beer buy the cheapest sits which are isolated from the main areas. Also the whole thing is very clearly visible from the top floor of the Pagoda where the police sets its HQ.
It also depends on the nature of the sport. If there were two rival teams like in soccer I bet there would be much more trouble.
In general I think it is one of the must goes when you find yourself in Indy.