Friday, May 11, 2007

KGB beats up peaceful protestors in Armenia.

The Armenian blogosphere is abuzz with the KGB attack on the peaceful protestors of Impeachment, New Times and Republic Party in front of the KGB building in Yerevan, Armenia. They were protesting the arrest of such political prisoners Alexander Arzumanian and Jirayr Sefilian who are being held in the KGB basement.

There were a few people beaten up by the KGB troops, among whom was my friend Mher, and a few people were arrested as well.

The banana republic is really asking for it... You can get more coverage on A1+ or Ditord.


Hagop Jake Bedrossian said...

Let us first ask...Who is the man in the pic? What connections does he have to Armenia and her diverse political party activities?

nazarian said...

The man in the picture is Mher, a member of Lav Eli rock group and a member of the Ayl@ntrank movement. He was in the rally that was dispersed by the KGB forces on May 9 in Yerevan.

kronstadt said...

Answering Hagop Jake Bedrossian,

In terms of his connection to Armenia and Armenia's future, the man in the pic is the most important person of them all -- the Citizen! One who is not indifferent.

nazarian said...

Thank you, kronstadt, your answer is excellent.