Sunday, August 01, 2010

One More Step.

Once upon a time there was a man called Vasgen Sargsian who, as the minister of defense, was trying to adopt the 'lonely wolf' mentality in Armenia. He, together with his friends in charge, learned their lesson from the past and realized that no one will take care of you and you are the only one responsible for your survival.

This went against the traditional Armenian political thought. The prime minister at the time overthrew LTP together with his help and removed HHSh from power. Once the support base was removed, a bunch of dashnaks went ahead and assassinated him. During the past 12 years the idea that you should take care of yourself has been systematically repressed. Whenever an autonomous thought was raised, it was suppressed through violence culminating with the killing of 10 people on March 1, 2008.

Now we have another nail in the coffin of independence. Serj Sargsian has agreed to extend the Russian base time by another 24 years. That would still be OK but the agreement stipulates the base will now be in charge of protecting Armenian interests as well.

 Mind you, there has never been a colonial power that has protected the interests of the colonized people. While Serj Sargsian transforms the Armenian Army into a group of hoodlums capable of slaughtering their own people and themselves, he is outsourcing the defense of Armenia to the Russians.

There is a precedent to what the Russians do to Armenians. In the Soviet times they did not hesitate to shoot and kill both Armenian civilians or self-defense volunteers. During the independence years, when the Azeris conquered Armenian villages, LTP asked Yeltsin to exercise the joint defense pact provisions for mutual defense. The Russian media laughed at us and called it a half-baked attempt to have Russia pull chestnuts out of fire for Armenia.


Anonymous said...

What a total rubbish...littering out of context, out of time and space. How much hate you have against Russians, unbelievable.

nazarian said...

I don't think you understood the essence of the post. This is not hate; I simply do not like to be colonized by Russia or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

You have really written nonesense, totally baseless accusations, and myths.
Look , admit it, the only time you will actually see Armenia in good light is when your Fuehrer Levon becomes President or some despots of your HHSh gang have majority in Parliament. I've got news for you: Neither one nor the other WILL EVER happen. I suggest you read your entries since 2008 , what has actually come true from your hopes and predictions, think for once, and stop writing about Armenian politics altogether. Friendly advice: Write about bird-watching, butterflies etc. but politics is just not your cup of tea mate, sorry.

Anonymous said...

so russian hegemony (again), oligarchic/incompetent rule headed by serjik and the clan, and tashnag terrorists

what a trio
by the way, anonymous 1 and 2 ...what you have written is baseless rubbish and not the post

anonymous, you are full of tashnag hate and can't/don't want to see the realities of Armenia, so why don;t you go back to your social club and play backgammon with some turkish-speaking old guys