Friday, July 30, 2010

Things continue to fall apart.

Murders of soldiers in the Armenian Army are a common occurrence. Usually, it is the officer in charge that kills a soldier under his command. Sometimes it is the 'good fellas' that kill a soldier that doesn't have a protector.

Almost all cases are classified as 'suicides' by the Ministry of Defense and are swept under the rug.

This week we saw two incidents like this. Artak Nazarian, an officer who said that he wanted to be a good commander for the troops (i.e. non-violent and not corrupt) and was in a hostile environment created by his fellow officers, was killed. It was classified as a suicide by the MoD. In another incident, 7 soldiers were killed under murky circumstances.

The windbags in the government keep saying that the Armenian Army is the best one in the region. With a psychological environment that we sometimes get glimpse of, I highly doubt that it will continue to be like that.

Unzipped has a comprehensive coverage of the issue.

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Anonymous said...

where are the tashnag "Anonymous" es? why don't they comment now? aren't they concerned about the army and lives of young armenian soldiers? or all they care is power game and government seats ..and bashing HHSH and LTP...tfou...what a bunch of bigots,