Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Whoopty-doo. The Armenian blogosphere is abuzz with Suren Surenyants quitting politics. His defenders: regime apologists.

It has been quite interesting to follow these events during those slow August days. To recap:

1. Surenyants meets with the defense minister;
2. Surenyants posts on his blog that the defense minister is upset and wants to punish all responsible for the bullying and murders going on in the army;
3. The regime apologists start claiming that HAK says that Surenyants is a traitor. HAK and the opposition remain silent but a there are a ton of anonymous posts on his blog telling that he is a traitor;
4. Surenyants claims he is good friends with Marish Bozikian (one of the regime spokespeople) and Ashot Ashotian (the infamous minister of education);
5. More anonymous posts claiming he is a traitor, a muted response by HAK;
6. Surenyants says he is not a traitor and says that he quits politics.

Hopefully Surenyants continues to post on his blogs. I like his posts.


Anonymous said...

Akh Nazarian Nazarian,

Levon's banditocracy is crumbling yet you still prefer to look the other way. I don't blame you, you and your levonakan cohorts have put in SO MUCH time and energy in the last few years , crying and shouting "Haxtelu enk, arden haxtel enk, haxtelu enk, arden haxtel enk" like a pathetic mantra. Guess what, you have totally failed, eat your heart out, you bet on the wrong man.

Your eternal leader will go to retirement soon. But the hope dies last as they say. So keep dreaming and entertain us with your points. They will be more like Surenyantz! But I will not rest until we send the one-eyed monster to retirement, in order to force the final capitulation of the internal enemy.
Please let me know if one thing I say is not logical...And my advice to you remains: Posting about politics is not your expertise, it's better if you inform us about stocks, funds etc. :))))

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot:


Is this your democracy-equality-freedom establishing HAK? That was lying to the people and was the reason why 2 policemen were murdered on March 1.

FYI Elazyan is one of your former "political prisoners". Araqel Semirjyan is a nephew of LTP. His uncle taught him well. So is the "regime" responsible for this as well?

Ay qez baaaaan... Ten HAK members are not even worth one Turk.

nazarian said...

Dear Anonymous,

you might be aware that the Armenian prosecutors have imprisoned more than a dozen people on made-up charges. The Elazian incident you mention is a similar made-up case.

If I were you, I would be very skeptical of the justice system in the country when it comes political and other opposition to Serj Sargsian's clique.

Also, Robert kocharian killed 10 people on March 1, not 2.

Anonymous said...


Everything that doesn't agree even slightly with your so-called movement or your Eternal Leader is made up, regime's fault, etc. Well guess what, nobody's buying it anymore. So for you one day Elazyan is a political prisoner the other day regime's tool? One day Surenyants is a political prisoner (he was also arrested) and the other day regime's tool? Give me a break. Typical fascist mentality.
The only thing I'v always been skeptical about is your sanity and judgement when you actually believe that Armenia's founding banditocrat Halep-i Lyovik, is actually going to establish rule of law in the country.
Oh and one more thing. There were two innocent deaths on March 1. Two innocent policemen. Hooligans don't count And loss of life was the responsibility of one person: Levon Ter Petrossian and his cohorts. As supreme commander Kocharian's job was to defend the country from the external as well as the internal enemy. He lived up to his decisiveness. And that should be praised. And as an Armenian citizen I'm PROUD of him.

tzitzernak2 said...

I dont claim to know what happened. But, the mere fact that someone who was (allegedly) beaten up actually got a case to get to court should make you suspicious... the vast majority of such cases get warped (tigran arakelyan supposedly beating up red-berets), delayed, ignored, and remain 'unsolved.' There are tons of examples of those.