Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wish Come True.

Twice already Mr. Galust Sahakian, the chief of the Republican Party fraction in the Armenian Parliament, has complained that he is one of the few politicians in the banditocracy that has no nickname. The enterprising decided to organize a grassroots effort to remedy the situation. After collecting suggestions, 10 alternatives were put to vote. I myself voted for Qisachi - a person working in a Turkish bath helping the patrons cleanse themselves. To me, Mr. Sahakian looks like such a person. If the head of the Parliament can look like a mouse and have a nickname Mouse, why not Mr. Sahakian be known as Qisachi?

Well, 550 people voted and Qisachi was in third place. An honorary plaque has been created that will be given to Mr. Sahakian. I am not yet aware of the logistics of the ceremony.

For thos of us interested in the details of the selection and voting process, see press release.


Anonymous said...

Why have these opposition sites and institutions turned into mockeries of the state, its institutions, and its civil servants?

Is there any serious opposition in Armenia? The fact that the government and many of its elements are so weak demonstrates the need for filling the void, but as long as the actions of the opposition resemble frat party idiocy, run by buffoons, this is what you get. What a joke. Any surprise there is no traction and no momentum generated month after month? Enough already. Fix my country for us so we can all go back after others have done the legwork ;)

Ani said...

There are no sharper weapons than wit and satire. This action points out the continuing stupidity of Sahakian and others in government, who cannot think coherently--they are the ones in the frat party, not the oppostion.

Although you are the U.S., perhaps you don't recall what really initiated the turning of the tide against George W. Bush, but it was Stephen Colbert's appearance at the 2006 White House Correspondents dinner, where he skewered Bush to his face and broke through the bubble.

Holy Fools and jesters can go where the sober pundits can't. A brilliant action by Payqar!

me said...

First of all, is an unofficial site and is not necessarily endorsed by any political parties so to suggest that they represent the official face of the opposition is a bit silly. Second of all, the fact that someone like Galstruk is an MP is the biggest mockery of all and easily overshadows whatever payqar could do. And third of all, he asked for it.

Haik said...

Me is correct.
Any person reading can easily realize that the website doesn't endorse any political party or organization. It is a Samizdat publishing articles that can easily come from anybody.
As for the nickname GalStruk Qisachi asked for it. Now at least he will stop the bullshit about how unfortunate it is not having a nickname and how he envies Chorni Gago in that respect.