Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Itching to Get a Mauser.

Since I was a kid and saw the photo of one of my ancestors posing with his Mauser in Cilicia, I wanted to have one as well. The photo was taken before my clan was driven out of Cilicia - the French disarmed the Armenian militia and abandoned them leaving the civilian population exposed to the Turkish army assault.

The Mauser in question would have been a G98 model which I haven't seen for sale anywhere. I know, nowadays a Mauser is not of much use except to claim its place in my collection.

I have my eye on WW2 era K-98 rifle. It is possible to get one in good condition. My biggest concern is that since these were used by the Germans during the WW2, it is quite possible that the rifle would have killed someone from our side. I would never know for sure but there is always the possibility.

On a lighter note, thanks to Ani, here is an artist's depiction of a mouser:


Ani said...

Will this one do?

(anything to procrastinate today...)

nazarian said...


got three of these guys at home. Two of them love mice. The third one is afraid of them.

Ani said...


By the way, forgot to say, the Mouse is named Hovik...

nazarian said...

For some reason I thought that the cat's name is Vacho. They look like Hovo and Vacho.