Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Resilient Misha.

Pashinian has an op-ed piece today about Mikhail Sahakashvili - the once poster boy of the democratic renaissance in the former Soviet republics. Well, after the August 2008 fiasco I thought that he would resign or would be impeached by the legislative branch.

None of that happened and instead he is now scheming to discredit the opposition. He has turned into a little despot - the same kind of a despot that he replaced or the same kind that are the heads of his neighboring countries.


Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

I think it is worth pointing out that Pashinian's willingness to be openly critical of Sahakashvilli is proof that he is not a "tool" for US interests in the region, because otherwise he would be praising his courage in standing up to Russia and going on about how the Russians were the aggressors and so on.

Anonymous said...

The US left Misha to hang out and dry last year. He served his purpose and pried Georgia from teh Russian orbit.

Nikol is a tool anyway.

spm said...

damn, I didn't know USA has gone so low that its tool in Armenia is N.PAshinyan