Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Political analyst Richard Giragosian.

Does anyone know if political analyst Richard Giragosian has a website or a blog? His articles on the geopolitical situation around and in Armenia are probably one of the very few serious efforts to analyze the situation. The majority of his views come from his press conferences that are reported in the Armenian media but I suspect a lot of it gets lost when the semi-competent journalists prepare their reports for print.


allen said...

Giragosian used to publish something called TransCaucasus: A chronology. here is the link...its old though. He stopped after 2004..

Anonymous said...

dear Nazarian: I am a regular reader of your blog, so I could not help but to respond to your post. I also welcome your positive, constructive criticism of some of my pieces at times in the past. Feel free to email me at:

regards from Yerevan,
Richard Giragosian

Onnik Krikorian said...

The Dashnaks on the East Coast (U.S.) re already responding to Giragosian's remarks and are trying to be clever in their use of words in what I'd describe as a "damage limitation" exercise:

Meanwhile, I accidentally ran into a very interesting writer from the Diaspora, Meline Toumani, in Yerevan who I'm sure the Dashnaks most definitely would not like.

There's an article on her in this week's Agos newspaper, but it's in Turkish so don't know what it says, but from talking to her I'm sure it's interesting reading.

nazarian said...

Although I am a little bit cautious of Turkey as well (not as much as the dashnaks), I think that it would be easier to deal with an EU Turkey than a non-EU Turkey. They should be encouraged to adopt the European ways instead pissing them off. Their foreign policy is still wild (just look at their attitude towards Cyprus) but they are not as bad as they could be.

Anonymous said...

I believe Mr. Giragosian's contact information can be found in the directories of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency or Defense Intelligence Agency.

Bruce Tasker said...

Nazarian, this is in response to ‘Open border a win-win situation for Armenia, Turkey’ (

I agree that Richard Giragosian’s analysis of the local situation is serious, except he assumes the regime will not compromise on Genocide for the sake of opening the border – I believe naively.
The Armenia Diaspora is lobbying hard for Obama to stand by his promise and recognize Genocide this spring. But negotiations between Armenia and Turkey are already threatening that effort in the US, with Turkey arguing the issue is being resolved with Armenia. Turkey will never admit to Genocide and it continues to demand that if Armenia wants the border to be opened it must agree to the commission. Sargsyan keeps insisting in Armenia that he will not agree to the commission, or some other instrument, which will inevitably eradicate Genocide. But according to the Turkish press, Nalbandian has been saying in Turkey that Armenia is ‘warming’ to the idea.

Turkey is already benefiting enormously from the present negotiations with Armenia, and the Turkish benefits will continue to grow, whereas the Armenian people will have to wait a long time for their benefits – if they ever come for them?