Tuesday, August 07, 2007

News agencies all worked up about the latest Georgia/Russia incident.

BBC, CNN, NPR and other news sources are extremely excited about the Georgian accusation that a Russian plane fired a missile into Georgia. Russia has denied it; I don't really know what happened so i can't comment on the event itself.

I constantly get amazed on how much attention is given to any minor issue that arises between Georgia and Russia. Admittedly, the Western media likes to bash Russia whenever they get a chance. But when it comes to Georgia, they do it with more vigor. No other third world tiny nation garners as much media attention as Georgia. I still cannot decide whether such unhealthy passion is good for the region, and especially Armenia, or not.


haik said...

No matter what the Western press says I conceder it is a reckless act from Russia side.
If we put it in Armenian shoes it would be similar as if Turkey dropped a bomb near lake Sevan.
Russians always like to demonstrate their power. Bear sleeps but when it is awake and you mess with it it can be pretty dangerous
On the other hand probably it was an accident. Probably something malfunctioned so the pilot had to unload its 'cargo' or maybe the guy had too many vodka shots.

nazarian said...

You probably are right about the vodka shots.