Saturday, August 18, 2007

Honor system.

This is the stall where I buy my veggies; it's in the front yard of a local farmer. They have their goods on display - they stock it once in the morning during the weekdays, or occasionally during the day on the weekends. You select whatever you want, weigh and use some math skills to come up with the amount you need to pay. Once you know it, which is not very hard to calculate as all the prices are divisible by 25 cents, you deposit the money in the little gray box (next to the pickle cucumber container).


Anonymous said...

In Holland in the countryside you'll see the same system with farmers selling their flowers or fruit.

nazarian said...

This is a good experiment for sociologists. If I were one and was writing a dissertation I would certainly try it in Armenia to see how it would work there.

Haik said...

In Austria ithere was a field of flowers next to a highway, a price list at the entrance , a knife and a collection box. anybody could hel themselves to pick flowers, pay and go.
In Armenia it might work in some areas but not in most. It might work in Lori region. From my experinece in Yerevan people hardly respect each other and even hardly the work done by ours.