Monday, December 11, 2006

The Economist ranks Armenia at 110 in its '2006 Economist Intelligence Unit democracy index'

In an article titled 'A pause in democracy’s march', The Economist has ranked Armenia at 110 in its democracy index for 2006.

When I was looking for the Armenian rating, I scrolled to the bottom and came across Azerbaijan. I hesitated for a moment - should I scroll further down or go up? Azerbaijan was rated at 129. Then I scrolled up and found Armenia among the 'hybrid' regimes flanked by Haiti and Kyrgyzstan. Armenia is below Gambia and Haiti but is ahead of Kyrgyzstan and Iraq. See the pdf file here.

There is not much to say about this ranking except to be happy that Armenia is not among the authoritarian regimes. It would be if it ranked 113.

Maybe next year...


Haik N said...

or maybe if the report went to press few hours ago. 40 people were arrested including Jirayr Sefilian at night of Dec 9th. see for up-to-date info.

nazarian said...

This is not the way to treat a hero. He doesn't seem to be like the dashnaks who were convicted of the Dro plot.