Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Bushes finally got their revenge.

BBC reports that Saddam Hussein has been executed. Although I have little sympathy for men like him who cause countless deaths, I find the whole process of putting him to death, which was more like a lynching, distasteful. First of all, he should have been tried by a truly Iraqi judicial system. Since that is impossible because Iraq is occupied by the US, he should have been tried in Hague. Second, he had little opportunity to defend himself. His lawyers were regularly taken out and in those conditions, it was difficult to find someone to represent him. The third and most important aspect of the trial was that he was a dead man before it even started. The trial was a joke to pretend that he was put to death as a result of a justice system.

But the most amazing part of this was the rush to execute him. We have heard all the stories about his brutality - the gassing of the Kurds, the crushing of the Shia uprising after the first Gulf War, the elimination of political rivals, the plans to assassinate Bush Senior. I wanted him to be put on trial for these crimes as well. But the way he was hung, it seemed that some people did not want this to happen.

Are these stories just rumors, or were other parties involved in them, too? We may never know now.

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