Saturday, September 18, 2010

New ethnicity: Kardashian

Lately whenever I am asked what my ethnicity is, they immediately say "That's what Kardashian is, do you watch it?"

Unfortunately, I do not subscribe to whatever channel the show is on but I think it's nice for the Armenian ethnicity to be associated with a beautiful woman.


artmika said...

:))) so true, she may not be very intelligent, but, hey, she has the looks, although she is not as well known in the UK, as in US. Her show is like a Big Brother reality show set in Kardashian family. I watched couple of episodes, could be amusingly entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I think it is very sad that our ethnicity will be known or talked about through Kim Kardashian and not through our internatiolly known artists, musicians and through our History. The only thing that links Kim Kardashian to the Armenian people are the last 3 letters of her family name.


nazarian said...


the only history we seem to promote and be proud of is Metz Yeghern.

I want Metz Yeghern to be remembered and at some point to compensated for but I do not like it when that's the defining feature of the Armenian ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

How can you think its nice for the Armenian ethnicity to be associated with a woman who is famous for her sex tapes and playboy spreads? Her family is a disgrace to the Armenian community. It saddens me that we Armenian women are now associated with this completely immoral woman.