Monday, May 24, 2010

Marching towards the bright future.

Bright because it's lit by the blaze of the plunge to the Earth. You open any news source and you don't know whether to cry at the misery of the Armenian political thought or laugh at the comedy that the Armenian diplomacy has become.

Some highlights from today:

Investigators Say Murder Theory In Police Custody Case ‘Ungrounded’

EU Likely To Stay Cautious On Political Reform In Armenia

Armenia Raps EU Parliament Over Karabakh Resolution

New Armenian Governor Warns Media


tzitzernak2 said...

That last one is a doozie, especially the last paragraph...

"Shortly after Sarkisian was sworn in as president of the republic in April 2008, Gizirian became the chief of an investigating arm of the Armenian government’s main tax collection agency. The police general was appointed last year as head of a Justice Ministry department managing Armenia’s prison..."

Sounds like he'll be a perfect fit for his new position.

And just when you thought your rights couldn't get trampled any more...

Vrej said...

Of course Nazarian of course you will cry. You are crying since February 1998 when your monstrous mafia lost power (good riddance). When you talk about Armenian diplomacy jokes may I remind you of clowns such as Alik Arzumanian, Vahan Papazian, etc. All of your HHSh apparatchiks are not worth one nail of Eduard Nalbandian or Oskanian.

You started crying in March 1 again. I say one thing to you. NEVER AGAIN!