Saturday, May 15, 2010

Interview with Levon Zurabian

- It would be ideal if the opposition was able to carry out regime change in a bloodless and safe way for the state, establish democratic liberties, a competitive economic system, achieve such changes that would allow Armenia to negotiate from a much more powerful position. But when you sit against a junta, which is ready to initiate bloodshed or suppression of liberties to hinder the process, it is clear that a so-called "full frontal attack" can only complicate the already difficult condition surrounding Armenia and Karabakh. If Armenia were to appear for 10 minutes in the state that Kirgizistan was, nothing would remain of Karabakh. "Frontal attacks", any means of opposing the regime that have a potential for bloodshed are against the interests of Armenia or Karabakh. That is why we have chosen a path which, though longer,  is aimed at the smooth reformation of the political system and the governance. That is why we are "ripening" the factors which will enable us to complete what the Czechs called a "velvet revolution". And I am sure that we already have serious results.

Read the rest of the interview with Levon Zurabian (in Armenian) (English through Google Translate)

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