Monday, March 01, 2010

March 1.

This probably sums up best how I feel today:

Էսօր էր, երբ ժողովուրդը դուրս եկավ իրա թասիբը պահելու:  Ժողովուրդը վերածնվում՝ փյունիկի պես պատրաստվում էր թռիչքի: Բայց  որսորդները արդեն թակարդները լարել էին ու դարանակալել: Իրանց ազգի մարդ էլ խփեցին բոզի տղեքը:

Մեր զոհված տղերքի հոգիներին հանգստություն:

It was today when the people stood up to defend their dignity, The people were going through a rebirth like a phoenix. But the hunters had placed their traps and were laying in ambush. The motherfuckers didn't hesitate to kill people of their own ethnicity.

Rest in peace, our slain brothers.


Anonymous said...

As a citizen of Armenia my interpretation of March 1:

It's the culmination of the 6 months where Armenia's first traitor and devil-incarnate Levon Ter Petrosyan and his Witnesses could brainwash part of the Armenian nation and pushed them to loot and burn Yerevan and kill two Armenian policemen.

Rot in hell LTP for causing the white genocide of 1 million Armenians in the 90's, and 10 innocents in 2008. No holds barred against Levon's Witnesses. Anamotner!

nazarian said...

Anonymous, it would be a good idea for you to re-read what you wrote.

Anonymous said...


When I reread I wanted to add two more paragraphs for the number one responsible of March 1, LTP. But it will be too much energy wasted on an evil person and an evil sold-off organization such as the HHSh.

I repeat, the struggle against Levon's Witness should have no holds barred and no tolerance.

nazarian said...

That's my point. It is ideas like what you say that caused the death of those 10 people and untold amount of suffering of the political prisoners or the people who get beat up by the police every day on the streets of Yerevan and elsewhere. You are unable to see this but these comments here are a showcase.

Anonymous said...


There are no political prisoners: there are criminals behind bars, and rightfully so, because they caused March 1.Even though the biggest one is still running around with his one-eyed monster look.

Provocateurs who get beaten up, that's also totally justified. You provoke the police in the U.S. you'd be lucky to get out alive. Totally justified.

You participate in rioting anywhere in the world you're risking your life(whether you're brainwashed or not). But for two policemen to be martyred. Not excusable.

I repeat: I believe in democracy but not when it comes to the criminal cult of Levonakans

tzitzernak2 said...

Your reasoning, or lack thereof, is quite scary.
But as you point out "it would be too much energy wasted" to explain what is so obvious...

Anonymous said...

HHSh-i Tzitzernak,

As a Levon's Witness you SHOULD be scared from the truth. I am glad that I'm scary to you.

Your total defeat can only be positive for Armenia.

byebyelevon said...

good luck anonymous -

you stumbled into one of the witness's hate-sites.

and don't play holier than thou, nazarian. you are the one (like your prophet pashinyan) invoking hate; check out your use of the word motherfuckers, or maybe past equating the regime with turks etc.

anyway, simply put LTP tried a revolution when his followers knew they has no chance to usurp power (again) otherwise. they asked for it, and got it. and the funniest part of it, that LTP gets off scott-free while his minions scramble around or get jailed. thank God most of the population is not so naive as to support this demagoguery.

sad day indeed.

Anonymous said...

to ta-shnag anonymouse

the number responsible for March 1 was that criminal, mafioso, friend-of-tashnag Robert Kocharyan, who ordered the army and police to first beat up sleepong boys and girls,
the number of responsibles were his crony, his puppets and opportunists like tashnags, arturik, SS, aghvan, chief of police, etc, who planned and implemented the big forgery of Feb 2008 elections, or kept quiet about this forgery and supported the corrupt and undemocratic regime of RK
number 3 responsibles are those creatures such as our anonymnouse, citizens who care for their stomach, their pockets, their parilament seats, and/or are led by pure hate, inter-armenian intrigues and bickering, like tashnags again and some armenian organizations, and those rubbish diaspora preachers and parrots of tashnag propaganda who have never ever seen a democratic, diverse, and free structures in their LA, Burj Hammoud and Aleppo gettos, have never been pluralist, never beleived in freedom of speach and never practices transparency, started preaching about March 1
political prisoners, or MArch 1 demonstrators are clean and great citizens of Armenian, unlike anonymouse ugly haters, who are on foreign payrolls and all they care is narrow, factional, petty agendas

being a diasporan, i say tfouuu on diaspora parrots and insensitive idiots who offend the people of Armenia again and again