Monday, January 25, 2010

Q and A.

The premier of Armenia started a blog a few days ago. Here is a question by an Anonymous and the answer by the premier or whoever signs in on his behalf. Also notice the smart alecky response by pigh.


Anonymous said...

«Ախպոր պե՜՜ս :)»
That was a comment/answer by the PM. Amazing.

«Պ-ն Տեր-Պետրոսյան, էտ դունիս? :)»
a comment/answer by Pigh to a concerned citizen. Typical.

The impression is that Tigran Kocharyan (aka Pigh) and Tigran Sargsyan (aka PM) in this blog , at least in some occasions are the same person.
Reminds me of the blog entry:

nazarian said...

Zabugorski's satire is not far off from the reality.