Friday, July 06, 2007

iPhone buzz still going on.

The buzz about the iPhone release has calmed down somewhat as the early adopters (otherwise known as suckers) have bought the much hyped product and the rest of the consumers are either indifferent or are not very impressed with the $500 gadget.

Let me tell you something; I have downgraded my cell phone to the most basic device available on the market. It gives me an alarm, a calendar, an FM radio and a speaker phone. No camera, no bluetooth, no nothing! I don't have a PDA either.

I got sick and tired of typing texts or trying to browse the web on a tiny screen. Add to that the constant problems with the pathetic Windows CE and it's not a pretty picture. When I want to talk on a phone, I do not want to wait a minute or so for the OS to boot up, and I especially don't want to live with the uncertainty of the phone freezing up when I want to answer the phone.

All I need is a basic phone, a laptop, 802.11_ capability and a broadband cell card for utmost mobility. No typing emails on a tiny screen with a tiny keyboard.

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